Races in The Lost and Damned

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There are races throughout The Lost and Damned, the first DLC pack for Grand Theft Auto IV, which can also be played in Multiplayer in The Lost and Damned. The player must find a motorcycle and make their way to the start line. Whilst racing the player has a bat which can be used to knock other racers off their bike. Pressing "X" or "Square" will make Johnny Klebitz hit left and "B" or "Circle" will make him hit right (standard controls). The longer the player holds the button the more powerful the hit is. Hitting the button quickly will take several hits to knock a racer off their bike, but holding it for the maximum time will knock them off first hit. The other racers can hit back, taking the player off course. Knocking 69 racers off their bikes wins the player the "Get Good Wood" achievement. The reward for coming in first in all twelve races is a Hakuchou at your safehouses.