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Raymond "Ray" Boccino (1976 - 2008) is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV and a thirty-two year old capo of the Pegorino Family. Boccino was born in the Westdyke neighbourhood of Alderney, Liberty City. Boccino is often seen at Drusilla's, a restaurant in Algonquin, where he attempts to expand into. He helps Pegorino Family Don James Pegorino with the families relations with smaller gangs, such as the McReary Mob. Boccino is involved in activities outside the Pegorino Family, leading to James Pegorino distrusting him. Boccino also has an uneasy relationship with Pegorino Family associate Phil Bell.

Ray Boccino is introduced to Niko Bellic by Patrick McReary, who employs Niko to kill former friend Teddy Benavidez. He later has Niko collect diamonds, alongside Pegorino Family associates Joseph DiLeo, Johnny Barbosa and Luca Silvestri. The collection was ambushed, although all four survived, with DiLeo, Barbosa and Silvestri taking the diamonds for themselves. Boccino hires Niko to kill them and retrieve the diamonds. Boccino then has Niko and the acting leader of The Lost Brotherhood, Johnny Klebitz, sell the diamonds to Isaac Roth and Mori Green of the Jewish Mob. The deal, however, goes wrong and Klebitz steals the diamonds for himself, leading to Boccino sending Niko to kill some members of The Lost Brotherhood.

Boccino also helps Niko find Florian Cravic, after putting Niko in touch with Talbot Daniels. Roth, blaming the failed deal on Boccino, threatens to kill him, so Boccino sends Niko to kill Roth at the Majestic Hotel. Afterwards, Boccino sets up an apartment for Niko in Alderney City, wanting to keep Niko close by. Niko later kills Boccino, on orders from James Pegorino who felt he could no longer trust Boccino. The manner of Boccino's death is left up to the player.

Ray Boccino is voiced by Joe Barbara.