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Teafore Maxwell-Davies
[[Image::File:Real Badman.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV]]
Full Name Teafore Maxwell-Davies
Aliases Real Badman
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth [[Error: Invalid time.|1981 (age 27-28)]]
Place of Birth Jamaica
Age Now
Nationality Jamaican
Home Broker, Liberty City
Voiced by Seeborn
Artwork of Badman

Teafore Maxwell-Davies, known as Real Badman is a Jamaican cannabis dealer in Grand Theft Auto IV, an associate of Little Jacob and the head of the Hillside Posse gang in Broker. He speaks in very thick Jamaican Patois, which Niko Bellic has difficulty understanding; Jacob translates for Badman in his somewhat more comprehensible Iyaric.

Badman is introduced to Niko in the mission Shadow when he complains about another dealer moving in on his turf. He asks Niko to get rid of these dealers for him so he can continue business as usual. After performing this task, Niko briefly works as a drug runner for the posse, Jacob directing the deliveries via cell phone; this job includes conducting drug deals (broken up by police stings which result in extended chases), planting packages in secluded locations (interrupted by rival gangs who attempt to kill Niko and take the loot) and small exchanges in which Niko must take the drugs to the buyer before a tight deadline.

After several jobs, Badman decides to stop giving Niko work due to heavy police investigation. As a sign of gratitude for the jobs, Jacob leaves the custom Huntley Sport driven by the Hillside Posse outside the cafe instead of one of the "beater" cars usually left there.

Later, When Niko is strolling through northern Dukes, he is stopped by Badman who is sitting on a bench in front of a row of shops. Niko fails to recognise him at first, but they manage a conversation despite the language gap, and Niko discovers Badman's business is being threatened by a Russian gang; together, they wipe out the Russians, and Niko is given $500 for his troubles.

Badman attends Roman & Mallorie's wedding reception alongside Jacob; after the wedding reception, however, Badman is never mentioned again, his future left ambiguous (it can arguably be conjectured that he remains alive, well and in business -- the player may trigger his northern Dukes street appearance after the wedding, and Jacob may mention Badman in conversation during activities after the wedding as well).

He is voiced by Seeborn.