Recruitment Drive (GTA VC)

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Recruitment Drive
Tommy Vercetti introducing himself to film director Steve Scott at the InterGlobal Films studios.

Tommy Vercetti introducing himself to film director Steve Scott at the InterGlobal Films studios.
Game GTA Vice City
For Steve Scott
Location Prawn Island, Vice City
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Dildo Dodo
Unlocked by Purchasing the InterGlobal Films studios

Recruitment Drive is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by porn film director Steve Scott in InterGlobal Films in Prawn Island, Vice City.


As Steve Scott is filming, Tommy enters the scene and is surprised at the props that were going to be in the film. Tommy wants talent in the film and heads to Downtown to meet up with Candy Suxxx. Once there her agent tells Tommy that he owns her and doesn't want to let her go. Tommy chases down the agent as his cronies attack Tommy. Once the agent is killed, Tommy picks up Candy and heads to a Well Stacked Pizza in Downtown to pick up Mercedes Cortez. All three head to the studio.


Steve Scott: Action.

Girl: Whoa! Now that's big.

Man: 12 inches. That is regulation baby.

Steve Scott: CUT!! Who IS this idiot? You! YOU! Why are you in my space? WHY?

Tommy Vercetti: What is all this crap? Aliens? Fishing poles? Who's ever seen a shark that big? All this stuff's gotta go. Why'd you get in this business, ya prick? Huh? For the pussy, that's why! What is this??

Steve Scott: This is my art - SECURITY!

Tommy Vercetti: Look, you pompous asshole, I own you now. I own all of this. We're gonna turn this place around... I'm gonna make you rich.

Steve Scott: Uh. You're - You - you're Tommy Vercetti? But I thought that you were...

Tommy Vercetti: That's right. We're gonna be making some changes around here and start making some real money.

Steve Scott: Actually, have you ever thought about, umm...

Tommy Vercetti: But first we're going to need some good-looking broads.

Steve Scott: Yeh, girls are fine but you... whew!

{Tommy Vercetti leaves)

Tommy Vercetti: What's that guy think this is some free art crap? Geez, like anybody wants to watch movies about fish!

(Tommy Vercetti meets Candy Suxxx in Downtown)

Tommy Vercetti: Yo, Candy. I'm looking for movie talent - you interested?

Candy Suxxx: Sure! But, you'd have to talk to my agent...

The Agent: The HELL are you doin'?

Tommy Vercetti: You should have stayed at home today!

The Agent: Can you believe this asshole?

(Tommy returns to collect Candy)

Candy Suxxx: Come on, let's go.

(Tommy and Candy drive to The Well Stacked Pizza Co.)

(If Tommy is piloting a helicopter and he crashes into a building.)

Candy Suxxx: Tommy, be careful! My implants aren't insured yet!

(If Tommy crashes the helicopter again.)

Candy Suxxx: I can't do porno after this!

(Tommy and Candy meet up with Mercedes)

Tommy Vercetti: Hey Mercedes!

Mercedes Cortez: Hey Tommy! You wanna party?

Tommy Vercetti: Not now sweets. You interested in doing some movies?

Mercedes Cortez: Of course. As long as it's cheap and sleazy.

Tommy Vercetti: Heh heh - you're hired!

(Tommy, Candy and Mercedes get into a vehicle)

(If Tommy strays too far from Mercedes.)

Mercedes Cortez: Hey! Where are you going!

(When Tommy goes back to collect Mercedes.)

Mercedes Cortez: Tommy, when are we going to get to spend some time alone together?

(If Tommy strays too far from Candy Suxxx.)

Candy Suxxx: Tommy where are you going? Get back here!

(If Tommy drives recklessly.)

Mercedes Cortez: You call that driving?!

(If Tommy continues to drive recklessly.)

Mercedes Cortez: What! Are you trying to kill me? I thought I was the star!

(Tommy drives Candy and Mercedes to the InterGlobal Films studios)

Mercedes Cortez: Tommy, you coming in for a warm-up?

Tommy Vercetti: Maybe later, babe...

Mercedes Cortez: Whoa, cool shark!


The reward for completing this mission is $1,000. The mission Dildo Dodo for Steve Scott is also unlocked.


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