Reni Wassulmaier

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Reni Wassulmaier is a transsexual avant-garde film director from Germany. Throughout most the game she is a man before getting her fourth sex change operation at the end of her arc. She is known for shooting avant-garde art films which include child torture in a Berlin pizza parlor and a rhinoceros making love to a neon sign. Reni moved her entire production company to Vice City, where she will produce commercials and "edgy" pop music videos. She is attacked as she introduces Vic to Ricardo Diaz, the Mendez brothers' rival, but is saved by Vic and makes it to the hospital. She has a complete sex change and abandons advertising for the exotic adult film industry in Europe, while Vic questions Reni's manly parts, such as her large hands. It seems she took a liking to Vic even calling him her "Nubian Adonis." Reni implies that he/she has had sexual experiences with Barry and Diego, even saying that she had a relationship with Diego.

Reni was previously heard as a DJ for Flashback FM in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which takes place in 1998.

She is voiced for the second time by Barbara Rosenblatt, who voiced the character as a DJ in Liberty City Stories.