Reuniting the Families

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Reuniting the Families
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Location Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks The Green Sabre

Reuniting the Families is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by Sweet.


Carl goes to his brother, Sweet's house and finds him along with close friends Ryder and Big Smoke watching a porn movie. Once he arrives Sweet turns off the television and informs them about reuniting all the Grove Street sets once again because the Seville Boulevard and Temple Drive Families have split from the gang and the Ballas have been pushing drugs for too long. All the sets are supposed to meet in Jefferson motel. Upon arriving Sweet goes inside the hotel and after a while the Los Santos Police Department appears and breaks up the meeting and a shoot-out begins. Big Smoke and Ryder escape but Carl goes to the motel rescuing his brother. He makes his way through the hotel and eventually finds Sweet. When they arrive on the roof a Police Maverick appears and Carl shoots down the helicopter, and follows Sweet. Just as they reach the street Big Smoke and Ryder come to pick them up. Ryder hands Carl a AK-47 and many police cars start to chase, Smoke drives around to lure them but the AK gets jammed and the car crashes through a billboard. The crew bail out of the car and a huge explosion happens. The police call off the attack thinking the four are dead and the mission is completed.


(Sweet's house, Sweet, Carl Johnson, Ryder and Big Smoke.)

Big Smoke: Damn, that bitch is bad! Oh, yeah!

Carl Johnson: Wassup, y'all!

Big Smoke: Wassup, playa!

Sweet: Wassup CJ! Turn that TV off right quick. Listen up, fellas, like we were saying. No more base in the streets.

Carl Johnson: Finally.

Sweet: Peep this - we're gonna unite the Families once more. Because the Ballas have been bumping our guys full of base for too long, while we argue amongst ourselves. So all the Families sets are gonna meet down at the Jefferson Motel. I say it's time we went down there and made it official. Keep that shit of our streets! I vote I'm our representative on this one.

Carl Johnson: That's right.

Big Smoke: Hey, it's all good! If Sweet thinks he can handle it, then I'm down with him, man.

Sweet: A'ight - let's roll, homies.

Carl Johnson: Let's do this!

Big Smoke: Yeah, let's go, man.

(Outside at Grove Street, Ryder, Big Smoke, Carl Johnson and Sweet.)

Ryder: Say, CJ, you gon crash the car again?

Carl Johnson: Fuck you, Ryder!

Sweet: Ryder, give CJ a break. man. He's practically turned the Grove around by himself.

Ryder: I was just telling a joke on the little nigga.

Carl Johnson: Everything you do is a joke, Ryder!

Ryder: That ain't true!

Big Smoke: Ryder, just chill the fuck out, man.

Sweet: Remember - we're reuniting the families and no bullshit. Stay cool.

Ryder: You know me, Sweet. Cool as a Shaolin monk.

Sweet: Especially you, Ryder!

(The crew arrive at the Jefferson Motel.)

Sweet: OK, it's strictly one rep' per set - you guys are gonna have to wait here.

Carl Johnson: We'll be there just in case, bro.

Sweet: Thanks, homie, but I'm down with these boys.

(Sweet goes out of the car to the Motel, Ryder, Big Smoke and Carl Johnson.)

Ryder: I don't like this, man. Look at all them other family 'hoods! They used to be Grove Streets.

Carl Johnson: Relax. We straight, they straight. How about you, Smoke?

Big Smoke: Hey, I'm feelin' a little exposed, but I'm good.

(Los Santos Police Department arrive in helicopter.)

Policeman (on megaphone): This is the Los Santos Police Department, everybody stay where you are. All units rock 'n' roll.

Carl Johnson: Oh, shit!

Ryder: Man, what you doing?

Big Smoke: Carl, get back in, man we outta here baby!

Carl Johnson: I ain't leavin' my brother, I ain't no busta!

Ryder: Man, it's every motherfucka for himself!

(Carl finds Sweet at the Jefferson Motel.)

Sweet: What took you? Where's Smoke and Ryder?

Carl Johnson: They shook on us.

Sweet: Fuck it, let's get out of here.

(Carl and Sweet outside the Motel.)

Sweet: Shit, what now?

Carl Johnson: It's Smoke and Ryder.

Big Smoke Get in!

Carl Johnson: Hit the gas! Eh man, I'm running low.

Ryder: I got a 'K, here.

Carl Johnson: This fucking antique?

Ryder: Yeah, well, Emmet ain't the pentagon.

Carl Johnson: You got it off Emmet? Shit!

(Car explodes and Carl, Sweet, Smoke and Ryder bail.)

Big Smoke: Shit! That's gonna be a hell of a story to tell when we passin' the blunt!

Sweet: Man, that was some serious shit! Woo!

Ryder: Fuck this! We gotta get out of here.

Sweet: Ryder's right! Everybody split up and we'll meet up later.


The reward upon completing this mission is respect.


Shoot the driver, the policemen or the tires to avoid clumping of cops chasing you. And, ignore the chopper chasing you and listen to Big Smoke, Sweet or Ryder where the cops may appear.

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