Ricardo Diaz

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Ricardo Diaz
[[Image::File:Diaz.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]]
Full Name Ricardo Diaz
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Colombia
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|1986]][[DOD::1986| ]]
Nationality Colombian
Home Diaz' Mansion, Vice City
Main Affiliations Diaz's Gang
Vance Crime Family
Tommy Vercetti
Juan Cortez
Lance Vance
Victor Vance
Businesses Drugs Trade
Voiced by Luis Guzman

Ricardo Diaz (? - 1986) is the extremely dangerous and volatile individual behind the ambush of Tommy Vercetti's drug deal. He is also the head of his own gang, and a leader in the city's drug trade. Diaz later recruits Vercetti to run errands for him, but eventually Vercetti discovers Diaz' role and takes him out, seizing his estate in the process. Diaz bribed the INS for a green card in 1978, after entering the country from Colombia. His contacts there believe he is a major player in the illegal drug industry and anti-government activity.

Diaz is an extremely popular philanthropist who gives money to foundations across Vice City and Central and South America; however, this is believed to be no more than a front. He is short and balding, and suffers from the Napoleon complex. His medical records show he has over-active glands and sweats more than is socially acceptable. He is a noted gun collector and is almost always armed; he has a private militia and therefore is heavily guarded at all times. He has been involved in a long-running battle for control of the drug business in Vice City and has bribed most police officers and politicians in town. He is feared due to his reputation of unpredictable behavior and may be responsible for 18 murders.

Ricardo's foul temper and hot headed personality is demonstrated in the game with his constant destruction of items, either by hand or by whatever weapon is available. For example, he shot his VCR because he believed it was broken- even though it was just unplugged; shooting birds that crapped on his car; and knocking down and stamping on a television set after he watched a horse that he bet on lose a race.

Artwork of Ricardo Diaz in GTA Vice City.

Ricardo lives in a mansion in the affluent neighborhood of Starfish Island. Dubbed Diaz Mansion, the interior of the home closely resembles that of fictional drug lord Tony Montana from the 1983 film Scarface. His clothing is also an exact copy of what Tony Montana wore in Scarface's famous chainsaw torture scene. Ricardo Diaz's first name is also similar to that of Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, a major Miami Vice character.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

File:Ricardo Diaz VCS.jpg
Ricardo in GTA Vice City Stories

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the paranoid drug boss is killed by Tommy Vercetti and the vengeful Lance Vance for the ambush which resulted in the death of his brother, reappears in Vice City Stories. Ricardo Diaz hears much about Vic Vance from his regular customer and associate, Reni Wassulmaier. His missions mostly involve dealing with his and Vic's rivals, the Mendez brothers, and strengthening his empire. Diaz starts out as an aspiring drug baron, and thanks to the actions of Victor, achieves his dream and becomes one of the most powerful and influential men in Vice City; once the Mendezes are gone, he becomes the largest drug lord. Diaz also trades drugs for guns with the DEA and forces Gonzales to join him or die. Throughout most of his missions he is seen using cocaine, whether it's for his own use or to test it for others. Vic tells Diaz that the coke is affecting his brain. This is similar to Tony Montana from Scarface, who also uses his own supply of drugs, which leads to his paranoia; this could be why Ricardo is highly suspicious of all in Vice City.

He was voiced both times by Luis Guzman.

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