Road Kill

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Road Kill
Game GTA Vice City
For Mr. Black
Target Carl Pearson
Location Washington Mall
Reward $500

Road Kill is the first mission for Payphone charactrer Mr. Black in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



Carl Pearson is a pizza delivery man who has secretely been distributing drugs hidden in pizza boxes. However, this secret distribution is taking business away from Mr. Black's employer, so Mr. Black wants you to kill Carl before he completes his delivery route.

The Mission

One of the easiest and shortest missions in the game, all you have to do is find Pearson and run him down or shoot him dead. That's all it takes.


(Washington Mall Payphone, Mr. Black).

Mr. Black: Mr. Teal, your help in eradicating those out-of-towners was invaluable to business. I have more work for you with a more "hands-on" approach. Your next job is taped under the phone.

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