Robbing the Cradle

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Robbing the Cradle
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Louise Cassidy-Williams
Target Welfare Man
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Reward $300

Robbing the Cradle is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given by Louise Cassidy-Williams to protagonist, Victor Vance.


Victor meets Louise at her sister's apartment and, Louise is not happy because the welfare has threatened to take Mary-Beth, her new born baby, off her if she doesn't put out. Victor finds a couple of thugs attacking the welfare's car and kills them, afterward he scares the welfare off, to leave Louise alone.


(Louise, Victor at Mary-Jo's apartment.)

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Vic, welfare said I was a bad mother. Their man said he was gonna take Mary-Beth off me unless I put out for him. But I'll show him. I've got a couple of guys to take care of him.

Victor Vance: What?! Killing him is gonna make things worse! When's this happening?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Well... kinda right now. Did I do wrong? How was I to know better?

(Victor finds thugs who are shooting at welfare's car.)

Welfare man: Somebody help!

(Victor kills the thugs and warns the welfare.)

Victor Vance: File that in your report! Leave Louise Williams alone, pal, or you and I are gonna become close friends!

Welfare man: OK, OK! She's white trash anyway!

Post-Mission pager

(After completing the mission.)

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Vic. I just wanted to say thanks... Don't be a stranger...

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