Robin Wark

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Robin Wark
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Robin Wark


Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Los Santos Meteor (employer)

Robin Wark is a character in the HD Universe mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Robin Wark is, in 2013, a news reporter for the Los Santos Meteor.


Gang Crime on the rise again in Los Santos. Media to blame due to lack of coverage.

After years of falling interest in gangs and gang culture, a recent rise in gang violence and in gang membership across Los Santos has led to calls for greater regulations covering media portrayals of violence. A broad spectrum of politicians were united in condemnation of the media yesterday after figures showed a recent upsurge in gang violence. The issue this time, according to experts in the field – a lack of recent movies and video games about gangs has apparently convinced young people that it is an acceptable choice. San Andreas gubernatorial candidate Sue Murry was one of many voiced wanting to be heard. "It's simply irresponsible of Vinewood not to cover social problems. Without education from movies, how are children supposed to learn that shooting each other has serious consequences? Video games are even worse because they donate even less money to social causes and they love violence, especially the wrong kind.

Greed and green screens killings jobs as Meltdown production begins.

Key Grips, Best Boys, Set designers, fluffers, on-set blow dealers and many other professions that rely on film and TV shoots say their jobs are being outsourced to China as even more pictures are filmed entirely on green screen. "At first we thought that CG was amazing. I mean, movies with no real story and just lots of cool effects. It was great. But when it starts to take away jobs for romantic comedy and dramatic thriller shoots, that's when we cry foul. Foul! I mean, Richard Majestic's new picture is set in Liberty City. But instead of shooting it there, it's being filmed in a shed in Los Santos." howled Film Union representative William Veranzic. Movie studios say that the cost of production is astronomical and that making drivel will be a lot more economical with increased green screen use.