Rocco Pelosi

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Rocco Pelosi
[[Image::File:RoccoPelosi-TBOGT.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
Full Name Rocco Pelosi
Aliases "Rock"
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Liberty City
Nationality [[Italian-American|Italian-American]]
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations The Ancelotti crime family
Uncle Vince
Anthony Prince
Luis Fernando Lopez
Giovanni Ancelotti
Sharon Morton
Vehicles Caddy with grilles
Businesses Loan Sharking
Voiced by Greg Siff

Rocco "Rock" Pelosi is a member of the Ancelotti crime family to whom Anthony Prince owes money. He often works with an older gangster named Uncle Vince. Luis Lopez calls him "rent-a-guido" and believes Rocco is a wannabe who is "out of his league." Rocco orders Prince and Lopez to do criminal favors for him to lessen the debt, but he only allows a little to be erased and constantly pressures Prince. Rocco tends to make a lot of racist slurrs twards Luis and Tony. He is first introduced, he calls Luis a "Spic" and Tony a "Fag" and later he referes to Luis as "Taco" or mistakenly "Mex". Despite all those insults, he later confessed, that he respects Luis and even try to keep him out of possible troubles.

Rocco is the made man in Ancelotti Family and obiously member of one of the crews, possibly Tony Black's one or Frankie Garone's. He said during his first phone call, that people, who've got higher rank, expect envelopes with money from him. Despite it, he is probably very rich and has some other way of incoming, because he could afford to buy a piece of very popular club and even two millions diamonds. He possible has very rich parents.

He first appears in the opening mission I Luv LC, enter Tony's apartemnt with Vince and collecting some owned money.

Next, he orders Luis and Tony to meet with some Algonquin Triads in Chinatown in order to help them " ease some licensing problems". Luis and Tony reveal they can't, and a shootout between Luis and the Triads goes down.

He next appears in the mission Practice Swing, torturing a Union Official by tying him to a Caddy and hitting balls at him into giving him information on the Messina Family. He gets Luis to hit balls at the official, and then has Luis protect him as Messina Family goons show up to kill him.

Ultimately, this drives Prince to purchase smuggled conflict diamonds in the hopes of paying off the Ancelottis, but it only attracts unwanted attention from other criminals that leads to Gracie Ancelotti's kidnapping. A furious Giovanni Ancelotti blames Rocco for pressuring Prince too much, and he is further angered when Russian gangster Ray Bulgarin claims the conflict diamonds are rightfully his and that he plans to murder whoever was involved in the circumstances leading to their purchase. A desperate Rocco contacts Lopez and asks him to kill Tony, as presenting Ancelotti with a body would appease everyone and it would give Luis control of the clubs. Luis ultimately sides with Prince and murders Rocco's partner Vince. Rocco is spared because he is a "made man." After completing the main story missions, calling Rocco's number reveals that he left Liberty City to go into hiding.

Rocco Pelosi is voiced by Greg Siff.

Mission appearances

The Ballad of Gay Tony