Roman's Taxi

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Roman's Taxi is a taxi in Grand Theft Auto IV owned by Roman Bellic and is based on the near-identical Esperanto. Roman's Taxis, however, are not driven on the streets by civilians, but by Roman's taxi drivers. It only comes in a dark brown colour and it has a few minor additions to the bodywork. Niko can call Roman for use of his taxi after become very good friends with him. The taxi driver is notoriously short-tempered, with the taxi rides peppered with insults hurled Niko's way for being a freeloader.

After unlocking the Algonquin safehouse; which is when, in the storyline, Roman appears to be making a great deal more money and is able to take out a large enough loan to pay for the high-class apartment; Roman's Taxi becomes a black Cavalcade, with the same disgruntled driver as before.

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