Roman Bellic

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Roman Bellic
[[Image::File:GTA_IV_Roman_Bellic.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned]]
Full Name Roman Bellic
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1977
Place of Birth Yugoslavia
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|2008 (in Deal)]][[DOD::2008 (in Deal)| ]]
Age at Death
Nationality [[Yugoslavian|Yugoslavian]]
Home Liberty City
Family Mallorie Bardas (girlfriend, later wife)
Unborn child
Niko Bellic (cousin)
Milica Bellic (aunt)
Main Affiliations Niko Bellic
Vlad Glebov
Jermaine Andrews
Brucie Kibbutz
Little Jacob
Vehicles Roman's Taxi
Businesses Express Car Service
Voiced by Jason Zumwalt

Roman Bellic (born in 1977-2008 (in Deal) ) is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV and the thirty-one year old cousin of the game protagonist, Niko Bellic. Bellic was born in eastern Europe but moved to Liberty City in 1998, aged twenty-one. He later claims to be living the "American Dream" and that he has two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars. This prompts Niko to join him in America, where Niko discovers he owns a small, gritty taxi firm, an apartment in Broker, and has large gambling debts, owed to the Albanians and Vlad Glebov. Roman is also the boyfriend, later husband, of Mallorie Bardas, and the nephew of Milica Bellic. Roman has been arrested on two occasions: in 2005 for promoting gambling and in 2006 for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Early life

Roman Beliic was born in Yugoslavia in 1977. He and his cousin Niko grew up together since their fathers were brothers and they lived next to each other. Niko claims that both of them were raised mostly by Roman's mother and that when the war came, she used all of the money she had saved to send Roman to the United States of America. She also wanted to send Niko to the U.S., but he stayed to fight in the war. Niko later found Roman's mother raped and murdered, although Niko told Roman that she died in a house fire.

In conversations between Niko and Roman and other characters it is revealed that both Niko's and Roman's fathers were alcoholic, wife-beating bullies.


When Niko arrives in Liberty City, he soon finds out that Roman is heavily in debt with various figures in the city, including the Russian Mafia and Albanians, due to his gambling addiction and his attempts to support his taxi depot. Roman employs his girlfriend Mallorie at his taxi depot, although he is unaware she is having an affair with Vladimir Glebov. Niko helps scare off Dardan Petrela, Kemal Vulaj and Bledar Morina, three Albanians, when they attempt to collect their money. When Roman finds out about Mallorie's affair with Vlad he is upset, and Niko confronts and kills Vlad for him. Vlad's death causes Roman to become paranoid because he fears retailiation from the Russian mob. He and Niko are later kidnapped on orders from Mikhail Faustin. Faustin shoots Roman in the stomach because he was screaming, but Roman survives. After Niko kills Faustin for Dimitri Rascalov, Rascalov and Rodislav Bulgarin betray Niko, burning down his apartment in Hove Beach and Roman's taxi depot. Roman moves into Mallorie's apartment in Bohan, where he also opens another taxi depot with the insurance money he receives from the fire in the first one.

Roman later has a "cold streak" in his poker games, leading the Russians to kidnap him. The Russians hope that they can kill Niko when he tries to rescue Roman. In The Lost and Damned you have to kidnap Roman and take him to the warehouse in the Industrial section of Bohan where, in Niko's story, you have to rescue him. After Roman is rescued by his cousin, he continues betting. This time he wins a lot of money, changing his taxis from Esperantos to Cavalcades and buying a penthouse in Algonquin, telling Niko they are finally going to live the dream.

End of the storyline

Towards the end of the storyline in GTA IV, Niko has to decide if he will kill Dimitri in revenge for his betrayal or work with him again in a heroin deal for Jimmy Pegorino. Roman urges Niko to forget revenge and work with Dimitri, considering the large amount of money he could recieve for his work. He tells Niko he would be able to afford a great honeymoon with Mallorie and that maybe him and Niko could take a private jet to Vice City.

If the player strikes a deal, Dimitri will betray Niko again during the mission and afterwards, will send an assassin to kill Niko at Roman's and Mallorie's wedding. Niko will fight the assassin, but in the struggle, Roman is inadvertently shot and killed. After Niko kills Dimitri, Mallorie will reveal that she is pregnant with Roman's child.

If Niko decides to get revenge on Dimitri, Jimmy Pegorino will be furious about his business being ruined. During Roman's and Mallorie's wedding, Pegorino will attempt a drive-by shooting, killing Kate McReary. After Niko kills Pegorino, Roman will tell him that Mallorie is pregnant, and that if it's a girl, her name will be Kate.

Artwork of Roman Bellic


  • After getting his relationship with Roman high enough, Niko can phone Roman to send a taxi to take him anywhere in the city for free. The availability of this feature is, however, random.
  • Roman is referred to as the "fat man" by Vladimir Glebov, due to his weight.
  • Roman drives a black taxi from his depot, which is based on an Esperanto.
  • Roman is voiced by Jason Zumwalt.
  • Roman has apparently gained a fair amount of weight since Bernie Crane last saw him which implies he has not always been of large build, though Bernie admits he is still "kind of cute".
  • The player can occasionaly call Roman after certain missions such as Three Leaf Clover (the bank job) to hear Roman overcome with joy about the money that Niko, Packie and Derrick seiged

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