Rub Out

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Rub Out

Tommy and Lance shoot their way into Diaz's house.
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Target Ricardo Diaz
Location Starfish Island
Reward $50000 and Vercetti Estate

Rub Out is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played for Tommy Vercetti.



Now that Diaz knows you and Lance Vance are backstabbers, he placed a price on your heads. So you'll have to shoot your way into Diaz's Mansion and rub out that prick Diaz before he rubs you out.

The Mission

After meeting Lance in the bridge to Starfish Island, Lance will provide you with an M4 Carbine and the raid will begin. First you will enter Diaz's Mansion up the front garden, there is ne guard in the entrance stairs, shoot him and then kill the four pricks in the back garden, now move into the garden and near thefirst outside pool will be four guards concealed behind hedges, shoot them before they hit Lance since they will deal him a lot of damage if you don't kill them fast enough.

Now move into the stairs area and about five guards will be there, finish them and then run behind Lance to the main back garden. There will be about ten guards there, eradicate them and then move into the indoor pool. There enter the mansion through the grey hallway on the right side of the pool, you'll be inside Diaz's Mansion.

Shoot the guards in the hallway and in the stairs, don't let Lance run ahead r he'll get dealt with a lot of damage. Now move up the stairs and get into the main hall through the first hallway that exits the stairs. Shoot any incoming guards, then get in the main hall.

Once in the main hall, Diaz will come out of his office and a final shootout will begin, here stop worrying about ance's health and worry about yours. Kill Diaz's eight guards while dodging Diaz's gunfire and then when te guards are done with, shoot Diaz. He will eventually run into his office, follow him there and gun him out. A cutscene will ensue where Diaz claims he trusted Tommy, but Tommy and Lance ignore this and finish Diaz with two gunshots to the face.


(Starfish Island, Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance.)

Lance Vance: I got us some cannons in the trunk.

Tommy Vercetti: Holy shit! Where'd you get all this stuff!?

Lance: Been saving it for a rainy day. You like?

Tommy: Yeah, I like.

(Diaz's Garden, Tommy and Lance.)

Tommy: This place is gonna be crawling with careful...

Lance: Don't worry, Tommy. I'll cover you. This way!

(Diaz's Main Hall, Tommy and Ricardo Diaz.)

Tommy: DIAZ I've come to take over your business!

Ricardo Diaz: TOMMY! You betrayed me, You idiot! I'm gonna kill you real soon!

(Diaz's office, Lance and Diaz.)

Diaz: You stupid beautiful house...look what you've done to it!

Lance: This is for my brother!

Diaz: I trusted you, Tommy. I wouda had you made...

Lance: Say goodnight, Mr. Diaz!


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