Ruff Rider

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Ruff Rider
For Dwayne
Location Algonquin
Reward $6,000
Unlocks Undress to Kill

The first mission offered by Dwayne involves his ex-girlfriend (Cherise) and her new man, a guy who apparently ratted out Dwayne and sent him to prison so many years ago. Niko agrees to help out the melancholy Dwayne by going to speak with the couple and getting his money back, which Dwayne was sending Cherise while he was in the joint.

From Dwayne's apartment on Vespucci Circus, you have to head to the far southern end of Algonquin, on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Emerald Street in Chinatown. As you approach the arcade, you will run into the couple. The guy immediately busts out an uzi and runs off to his motorcycle, leaving you to deal with the girl at first. Here, you can make a choice. You can either kill her, or you can run off, letting her live as you go after the guy instead. Either way, you're going to have to do the latter eventually, but first you must make a decision on whether or not you will allow the girl to live. If you spare her life, you will be able to do Random Character missions for her later. Dwayne will not be that upset if you allow her to live.

Whatever you choose to do, you now must focus on killing the new boyfriend. He sped away on a motorcycle, so choose a fast car or, preferably, another motorcycle to pursue him. There's a motorcycle parked nearby. Follow the red dot representing your target on the HUD, and when you can, begin taking shots at him. When you finally manage to hit him, he'll fall off his bike. If the gunshots or the fall from the bike don't kill him immediately, he may fight back, so be prepared for a fight. Making matters worse, he seems to have quite a bit of health. Either way, do him in, then grab the money he drops.

This high-speed chase and the violence that followed will have certainly drawn the attention of the cops in the area. Lose the fuzz, and you'll then receive a message to meet Dwayne at the Cluckin' Bell in Star Junction. Head over there and speak with Dwayne once inside. You'll hand over the money, let him know that you either let his ex live or killed her, and then you'll be on your way.