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Ryder embraces Carl Johnson as a welcome back

Ryder embraces Carl Johnson as a welcome back
Game GTA San Andreas
For Ryder
Location Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Tagging Up Turf
Tattoo Parlors
Unlocked by Sweet & Kendl

Ryder is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Grove Street Families member Lance "Ryder" Wilson from his home in the Grove Street cul-de-sac in the Ganton district of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl drops by Ryder's home, with Ryder telling Carl that The Well Stacked Pizza Co. store in Idlewood keeps painting over a Grove Street Families tag on the building, and he wants to teach the owner a lesson. Whilst driving to the store, Carl asks about Old Reece, a barber, and despite warnings that he "popped his membrane years ago", goes to Reece's Hair & Facial Studio to get a haircut.

Afterwards, Carl goes to the pizza parlor to order some food, whilst Ryder prepares to rob the store. Ryder then attempts to rob the store, however, the store manager scares them off with a shotgun. Carl and Ryder quickly leave the store and drive back to Ryder's home.


The reward for completing the mission is an increase of three Respect points. The mission Tagging Up Turf is unlocked. A phone call from Sweet will also be available, describing changes in the city's gangs.


  • Just after you come out of the barbers and talk to Ryder, if you come out with an expensive haircut, he takes back what he said about Reece, but if you come out with a cheaper hairstyle he will continue to insult Reece.
  • The song heard inside Ryder's home is Alwayz Into Somethin' by NWA, a song also heard in Radio Los Santos.
  • The clerk at the pizza shop says to Ryder "I feel sorry for your dad", similar to what a clerk says to a character in the beginning of the movie "Menace II Society", which Ryder's voice actor, MC Eiht, has appeared in.
  • In the brief cutscene at Ryder's House, Ryder armed himself with a Glock, but when he's about to rob the Pizza Parlor, he pulls out a 9mm.
  • Killing the pizza clerk is a good way to obtain a shotgun early on in the game.


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