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For Asuka Kasen
Target Dodo plane
Location Fort Staunton, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Reward $45,000
Unlocks The Exchange

S.A.M. is one of the last missions in Grand Theft Auto III given by Asuka Kasen to protagonist Claude.


Claude drops by the construction site in Fort Staunton, Asuka is now aware of a plane crossing the Francis International Airport and it contains a big number of SPANK drug packages. Claude drives over a boat in Bedford Point and gets in a boat driving over to the airport. He kills all the Colombian Cartel gang members guarding the exit and then shoots down the plane, afterward he collects all the eight packages and escapes back to the construction site. Upon arriving, a new cutscene shows Asuka and Miguel lying dead on the floor with a letter left by Catalina who reveals that she has kidnapped Maria and wants Claude to bring $500,000 to the Cartel Mansion in Cedar Grove.


(Maria, Asuka and Claude at the construction site.)

Maria: Do we tighten it some more now, or wait for it to go black and fall off?

Asuka Kasen: Give it a quick prod...

Maria: Eeeeeyoooo! What is the gooey yellow stuff? Oh hi Babe.

Asuka Kasen: My Handyman!

Maria: I was bored so I came over to keep Asuka company.

Asuka Kasen: She has got the makings of a natural this girl. She's managed to extract this little gem from our guest. There is a plane coming into Francis International Airport in two hours time. It is full of Catalina's poison. You can avoid airport security by getting a boat out to the runway-light buoys and shooting the plane down on its approach. Collect the cargo from the debris and stash it!

Maria: Oh you be careful now, Ok baby?

Asuka Kasen: Now try the chili oil.

(Cutscene for "Ransom", Catalina on a letter.)

Letter: I've got your precious Maria. If you don't want her face to look like she fell out with the butcher bring $500,000 to the Villa at Cedar Grove.


Upon completing the mission you'll receive $45,000

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