SWAT Van Swipe!

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Steal SWAT Van!
Game GTA 2
For Johnny Zoo, Yakuza
Location Ukita, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $60,000

Steal SWAT Van!, or SWAT Van Swipe! on the PC version, is the sixth job in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to Claude by Johnny Zoo of the Yakuza. The mission is the first mission available from the red Yakuza phones in Ukita of the Downtown District.


Johnny is pissed that the SWAT impounded his favorite car and orders Claude to steal a SWAT Van for him. Claude causes lots of damage until the SWAT are called out, then steals one of their vans. Under further instructions from Johnny, Claude then brings the car to his garage.


Johnny Zoo: "Hi, Kosai, it's Johnny Zoo. The authorities have impounded my favorite car and I want you to steal me a SWAT Van as compensation."

(Claude causes havoc and mayhem around the area until he reaches four wanted stars. A SWAT Van comes and he steals it.)

Johnny Zoo: "Very cool, Kosai. Bring it to my garage."

(Claude drives the newly-acquired SWAT Van to Johnny's garage.)

Johnny Zoo: "You steal well, Kosai. The Yakuza will have many jobs for someone with your talents. For now, $60,000 should see you right."


Completing the mission will give you $60,000.

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