Sabre Turbo

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Sabre Turbo
A Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City..
(Rear quarter view)
A Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City..
Appearance(s) [[Appearance::GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories]]
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style Muscle car
Capacity 2 (1 driver, and 1 passenger)

The Sabre Turbo is a muscle car featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.



Other than the presence of a racing stripe, the Sabre Turbo appears largely the same as a standard Sabre, down to the rims. The GTA Vice City rendition of this vehicle appears only in red and striped in white color (this is fixed to the car in the .txd file in gta3.img) whereas in GTA Vice City Stories, it appears in several colors, while retaining a racing stripe that is constantly light green. A variant in GTA Vice City Stories used by the Cholos gang, the Cholo Sabre, is also comparable to the game's Sabre Turbo.


Most notable amount its differences from the Sabre is its performance, as it is capable of better acceleration, top speed and cornering, and emits a different engine sound from its stock counterpart. Due to its modified engine, the car also emits a noise associated with turbo-charged engines.


GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Stories


  • The Sabre Turbo plays the radio station Wildstyle by default when entered in GTA Vice City.

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