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Salvatore Leone
[[Image::File:SalvatoreLeone-GTAIII.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::GTA III
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories]]
Full Name Salvatore Leone
Aliases Sal
Mr. Big
Mr. Leone
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Sicily, Italy[1]
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|October 2001]][[DOD::October 2001| ]]
Nationality Italian
Home Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club, Saint Marks
Family Un-named and deceased brother
Un-named deceased wife
Maria Latore (wife)[2]
Joey Leone (son)[3]
Uncle Leone (uncle)[4]
An unnamed cousin.[5]
Main Affiliations Leone Family (Don)
Ken Rosenberg
Carl Johnson
Johnny Sindacco
Toni Cipriani
Vehicles Mafia Sentinel
Businesses Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club
Caligula's Palace
Leone Casino
Voiced by Frank Vincent[6]

Salvatore Leone (? - October 2001) is the Sicilian[1]Don of the Leone Family, a major Mafia family based in Liberty City.


Salvatore was born in Palermo, Sicily, once had a brother[1] and was also close to one of his cousins (later killed by the Sindacco Family)[5]. He immigrated to Liberty City and with his first wife (who died, presumably by 1992), had a son named Joey[3]. It is unknown whether Joey was born in Sicily or the US.

He took over the Leone crime family after a power struggle in the mid 1980s[1], likely against his Uncle Leone[4] (as of 1998, they were supposedly at peace but heavily distrusted each other in secret). By 1992, he had purchased and moved into a mansion in the Saint Mark's district of Portland Island, Liberty City.

He is also married to Maria Latore.[2] He resides in

He appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, being voiced by Frank Vincent on all three occasions.[6]

GTA San Andreas (1992)

Salvatore Leone in 1992.

Salvatore agrees to give the Sindacco Family $5 million to invest in Caligula's Palace, a mega-resort in Las Venturas, one third owned by each of them and the Forelli Family[7]. Salvatore negotiates control beyond his share, such as control of the books[8] and his choice of a supposedly neutral manager, lawyer Ken Rosenberg, that Salvatore could control[9].

While in Las Venturas, Salvatore befriends Carl Johnson, who had worked in a car theft ring for his son Joey in Liberty City sometime between 1987 and 1992[10]. He slowly trusts Carl with bigger and bigger tasks, leading up to him taking a flight to Liberty City to kill someone at the Forelli-owned Marco's Bistro. However, Carl was a partner in the rivaling Triad resort, and robbed Caligula's. Salvatore then threatens to kill Carl and anyone close to him, although it is unknown whether he carried out these threats. The future of Caligula's and his share is also unknown, as he does not discuss the casino at all in later appearances.

During this time he also met Maria Latore[11], who (despite having a foul attitude with him from day one) quickly became his girlfriend and married him in the next six years, almost definitely for his money. Toni Cipriani became a well-ranked Leone member by 1994, when he killed a rival made man and went into hiding for the next 4 years.

GTA Liberty City Stories (1998)

After 1992, he returns to Liberty City. In 1998 he welcomes Toni Cipriani back to the city, after years of hiding, but assigns him to Vincenzo Cilli, a much younger and newer Leone member.[12]. Toni and Vincenzo immediately dislike each other, and after Vincenzo betrays Toni, Toni kills him with Salvatore's apparent approval. In due time, Toni earned his current level of appreciation from Salvatore[13] by helping him with wrestling Paulie's Revue Bar away from Paulie Sindacco by assisting his discontent manager, Joseph Daniel O'Toole, extorting dock worker union boss Jane Hopper (Salvatore personally working with Toni at this point) [14], and after the union troubles were sorted out, attending an LCPD-ambushed meeting with the Colombian Cartel, escaping alive[15]. Toni ends up killing the Cartel dealers, with the exception of Miguel who survives, and evades the to get away with the drugs.

After the earlier mob war is supposedly finished, Toni follows Sicilian Mafia representative Massimo Torini, who is trying to broker a peace between the three families, but really organizing the families as well as street gangs against the Leones[16]. After this, Salvatore kills JD O'Toole for control of the Revue Bar, renamed Sex Club 7, by tricking him into thinking he'd be a made man[17].

Salvatore Leone in 1998.

Salvatore is slowly forced out of Portland by the Sindacco and Forelli families, as well as the up-and-coming Diablos and Liberty City Triads. His paranoia briefly causes him to threaten Toni with a gun, before he comes to his senses [18]. Trusting in Tony again, he explains that the Forellis control mayor R.C. Hole [19] who is pinning the entire city's crime on him[20], before escaping to a luxury condo Salvatore owns in Newport, Staunton Island.

Salvatore's first move is to kill Mayor Hole[21] and try to replace him with Donald Love, a business mogul in their pocket who's running for Mayor[22]. Toni also becomes a made man[23] before helping Donald Love with his campaign.


To try to win the three-way mob war, Salvatore recruits help from a crooked LCPD officer, Leon McAffrey. Aside from Toni's work with Donald Love, Salvatore also personally digs up information about Franco Forelli and their connections to the Mayoral office, often risking his life to do so [29][30][31]. When Paulie Sindacco attempts a truce with the Forelli family, Salvatore very cleverly makes an attempt on Paulie's life while making his rivals go to war with each other again [32].

Eventually, Love loses the election to Miles O'Donovan because he is linked to Toni and Salvatore[33]. He blames Toni, goes bankrupt as he'd spent his entire $200 million fortune, and the two don't speak for a short while. To further damage the family's status, Salvatore is arrested and put on trial for all the crime in the city[34]. Posing as a lawyer, Toni receives orders from Salvatore [35], such ass allying with the Southside Hoods[36], finally killing Don Paulie Sindacco as he attempts to flee Liberty City,[37] and working to subdue their new Yakuza enemies.[38]

Salvatore is eventually found not guilty in court, after Massimo Torini's mobsters try to kill him [39]. Afterward, they actually try to negotiate peace when Salvatore insists on having his way[40]. Massimo Torini personally kidnaps Mayor O'Donovan, bringing him to the lighthouse on Portland Rock[41][42], where they kill Torini, rescue the mayor and force him to work for the Leones [43]. Salvatore then makes peace with his uncle and the old country,[44] before thanking Toni for his hard work and loyalty.[45]

GTA III (2001)

Salvatore Leone in 2001.

Since his first trial in 1998 mentioned above, he had been tried in court another four times, winning each case. In April 2001, the final trial, he was accused of tax evasion (having $450,000 in undeclared income) before his lawyer Maurice Goldberg successfully convinced the court that Salvatore is dyslexic and struggled with taxes. He was only found guilty of importing tomato sauce from Sicily without a license and fined.[1].

In October 2001, Salvatore is still at war with the Triads, Diablos and Colombian Cartel. Paulie's Revue Bar is renovated and renamed Sex Club 7, with Luigi Goterelli in charge. Claude, having gotten his start working for Luigi, is first introduced to Salvatore by Toni Cipriani at a meeting at Salvatore's mansion, and he sees great potential in Claude.[46][47]. Maria, though still married to Salvatore, takes a serious liking to Claude. He also has Curly Bob, an employee at Sex Club 7, killed by Claude for selling information to the Cartel [48]. Claude supposedly earns ultimate favor with Sal after he and his friend 8-Ball destroy their SPANK factory aboard a tanker ship [49]. However, Salvatore makes a truce with the Cartel, becomes infuriated after Maria says she's "an item" with Claude, and sets a death trap for him before Maria warns him and helps him escape Portland. [50]

Claude, under the orders of Yakuza boss Asuka Kasen, assassinates Salvatore after he leaves Sex Club 7. [51]. After his death, either Joey Leone or Toni Cipriani becomes the head of the family and wants Claude dead, both spying on him[52] and shooting him with assault rifles if he returns to Little Italy.


  • Salvatore Leone appears on posters for the film Badfellas in GTA III. This is a reference to the film Goodfellas, which Frank Vincent appeared in. The posters can be found at Luigi's Sex Club 7 in the Red Light District of Portland Island, Liberty City.
  • Salvatore's character model in GTA III is based on Don Corleone from the Godfather, albeit more foul mouthed.
  • Salvatore means savior in Italian.
  • Salvatore being sued for tax evading is probably a reference to Al Capone.
  • Salvatore's txd and dff files are named "Frankie" instead of Salvatore because his original name is Frankie.

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories





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