San Andreas in GTA IV Era

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San Andreas in GTA IV Era is another location people think will be in the next GTA besides Vice City. San Andreas is a next option because Vice City was not the only one that passed on from Liberty City in the GTA 1 Era so did San Andreas. People also think San Andreas will be next probably because its only featured in one game which people might suggest that they might make one again featuring the location.Rockstar Games has not confirmed the location yet.

References in GTA IV


Since its the GTA IV Era a game set in San Andreas may feature a new rendition of the state, like how they remade Liberty City. However no one has ever talked about a new rendition of it so its possible it will look like the GTA 3 Era rendition. At the very least, the graphics will almost definitely be updated to the IV engine. It will probably take place in the same canon as GTA IV, possibly including or making references to current characters.

As seen by character dialogues and internet sites, the city names Los Santos (including Vinewood), Red County, San Fierro and Las Venturas will still be used, also confirming that San Andreas remains a fictional state.