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The Sandking, near a beach in Los Santos

The Sandking is pretty much the best all purpose ground vehicle in the Grand Theft Auto series. The Sandking, made its introductory appearance in GTA: Vice City, being an unlockable vehicle if the player managed to deliver a list of wanted cars to Sunshine Autos. This would spawn one at the second level of the building, which could be maneuvered out. In GTA: San Andreas the Sandking makes another appearance, this time being more easilly obtainable, and more user-friendly, it can be found on several beaches throughout the state as well as in "The Big Ear". It appears to be based on a first generation Ford Bronco II

Handling & Other

The Sandking has excellent handling, due to its escalated suspension system, and super gripping tires. The car also has a high speed level, while staying easily controllable. It boasts the player's sex appeal to about a 75% level, making this car a great choice for off-roading, street racing, mountain climbing, cruising and picking up girls.