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The Savanna is a four-door open top lowrider in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



Side view of two Savannas modified at Loco Low Co. to feature two forms of tops: "Hardttop" (above) and "sofftop" (below).

Being a lowrider, the Savanna can be used in the lowrider competion if hydraulics are equipped (Savannas don't always spawn with hydraulics). It is a four-door, making it rather suitable for drive-bys and transporting gang members. Like the Hermes, it cannot be blown up with a fuel cap shot, as it does not have a visible fuel cap (not even shooting the license plate works).

The Savanna is based on a 1963 Chevrolet Impala with the top portion of the grille altered to resemble that of the 1964 Impala (in beta screenshots, however, the grille isn't altered, completely resembling the '63's). The back has a pair of double taillights similar to those of the Chevy Bel Air and Biscayne. The name "Savanna" is likely a reference to the Impala, as the animal of that name is found on savannas. While normally appearing with only an open top, the car can be modified in Loco Low Co. to feature a hard top or a soft convertible top.

The Grove Street Families use the Savanna as one of their gang cars.


The Savanna main merit is its speed, with quite good acceleration to complement this. Like the Blade, the car's brakes are very sensitive, giving it very responsive stopping power at any speed; this, however, risks a spin-out if the driver steers while braking (for instance, in a handbrake turn).


Possible combinations of modifications that can be given to Savannas at Loco Low Co. in GTA San Andreas.