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A Schmidt in GTA 2 (In-game, with lights).

The Schmidt is a small economical car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.



The Schmidt is designed as a slim four-door compact "bubble car" intended simply for basic transport rather as a vehicle for more intensive work, and as a result, appears unappealing and underpowered.

The internal name given for the MESSER, implying the car is based on a Messerschmitt, specifically the Messerschmitt KR175 or Messerschmitt KR200, although several design differences are visible, including rear fenders that imply the car is more of a four-wheeler similar to the FMR Tg500 than a three-wheeler, as well as featuring gull-wing doors (the only known vehicle in the game to feature four) as opposed to a bubble canopy.


In terms of performance, the Schmidt's engine power is underwhelming, achieving only a low top speed. However, the vehicle, helped largely by its light weight, features good acceleration, good cornering (with a small turning radius), and very good brakes. When crushed, the car awards the player health in the Downtown District, and a Machine Gun in the Residential District.


  • The Schmidt is provided as a starter vehicle when the player activates the ringing tutorial payphone at the Downtown District Jesus Saves.