See No Evil

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See No Evil
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Lester Leroc
Reward None
Unlocks Wi-Find
Unlocked by Evidence Dash


(A meeting with Lester)

Lester: The Angels are coming for me and Meredith! I'm guessing they think we're screwing around behind her man's back.

Huang: Why would they think that?

Lester: No reason. People can be so suspicious. Besides, it was only oral.

Huang: You moronic cunt. I hope they gut you and roast you you fat fucking pig.

Lester: Give me a break. I'm a lonely divorcee and a hot chick starts blowing me - what would you do? The problem is, it's gonna be impossible to get the true rat if Meredith finds out the gang's after us.

Huang: I'll keep the deadbeats off your backs. But move fast.

Lester: Of course. Shit. I'm starting to itch. I think that bitch gave me crabs.