Self-Actualization FM

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Self Actualization FM

DJ: Audrey

Genre: Ambient/Chillout

Best Song : Cosmology Myth by Larry Heard.

Self Actualization FM is an ambient/chillout radio station available exclusively on GTA IV Episodes.

This radio station replaces Orb The Journey it has more modern ambient music than The Journey because it's oldest track was Rainbow on Curved Air by Terry Reilly which was released in 1967.Most of the tracks on the new radio station were written in the early 90's.The station is hosted by a human DJ called audrey.This kind of music wouldn't sound out of place in a japanese office bulding because ambient music is Ageless so it still sounds modern today. 

right I've put enough information up in the introduction now on to the songs


Artist       Song                                               Year

Orb The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of the Ultraworld (Live Mix MK10) 1989

Wave Movement Alpha Wave Movement - Artifacts & Prophecies

Autechre - Bike 1993

Heard Larry Heard - Cosmology Myth 1996

by Nature Chilled by Nature - Go Forward (Love Bubble Mix)

Middleton Tom Middleton - Moonbathing

Alucidnation - Skygazer (3002) (Remix)

Namlook Pete Namlook and Schulze Klaus Schulze (feat. Bill Laswell) - V/8 Psychedelic Brunch