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The Sentinel in GTA III

The Sentinel is a luxury four-door car that appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto Advance, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It also appears in Grand Theft Auto IV as a two-door coupe. The Sentinel is generally found throughout the business districts of all the cities. However, some can be seen driving in the general suburbs, and sometimes in the wealthy parts of town.

The Sentinel in GTA IV is manufactured by Ubermacht and modeled after the BMW 3 series coupe, most likely the 2001-2006 M3, due to the bumper design and rear tail lights. After collecting all thirty cars for Stevie he agrees to purchase cars from Niko Bellic, with the Sentinel fetching $2,500.


The Sentinel handles well, with its rear-drive layout sometimes leading to over steer. The Sentinel resembles a 1996-2003 BMW 5 Series sedan (specifically the 528i) in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories. Whilst, in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories it resembles a 1977-1986 BMW 7-series (specifically the 750), as well as a 1987-1994 7-series (also a 750) in GTA San Andreas.

The Sentinel has a V6 engine in all of the GTA games.

Sentinel XS

Since the Sentinel's appearance in GTA III, there has always been a sportier variant. In GTA III, this was only driven by the mafia, and was therefore known as the Mafia Sentinel. This car had the power increase, spoilers and rear window grills, common to all sports Sentinels. This version may have been based on the BMW M5. Vice City was the first game to feature a modified Sentinel bearing the "XS" suffix (known as "Sentinel XS") to denote the faster Sentinel, however the game system files referred to the car as the "Mafia." We therefore know that the Mafia Sentinel in GTA III may in fact be a Sentinel XS. During GTA: Vice City Stories, the Sentinel XS was also used as a gang car for the Mendez Cartel.

GTA IV features an updated Sentinel XS. The car remains faithful to previous XS's with its spoilers, window grills and performance upgrades. It also has a large rear spoiler sporting an "STD" badge; an obvious parody of Subaru's STi marque. STD supposedly stands for "Sentinel Tuning Division". This is a play on BMW's in-house tuning division, M. It is possible the spoiler is just an aftermarket upgrade from an unrelated company, and STD is its logo or name. If you manage to get the hood off and keep the engine bay in good condition, you can clearly see a centrifugal supercharger this is because BMW's tend to get supercharged rather than turbocharged you can tell by the engine noise as it seems to wine rather than whistle like a turbo, on the left side of the engine bay. This makes the latest Sentinel XS the fastest iteration yet. It is possible that this is based on the BMW M3 GTR or M3 CSL, both even higher performance versions of the M3.

Despite its rear-drive layout, and powerful engine, the XS is surprisingly steady in corners. The car does not oversteer dramatically in sharp turns, and can weave through traffic at high speed with ease. The Sentinel XS also has a slightly raspier exhaust note than the stock Sentinel due to the dual exhaust with sport silencer.



GTA Vice City

  • The Sentinel and the Sentinel XS are fairly common throughout Eastern Vice City.
  • A Sentinel XS can be found in the first parking lot that you pass before arriving at Escobar International Airport.

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Can be mostly found near the Vice Point Mall or Escobar International Airport areas.
  • Two Sentinel XS's can be found parked at The Mendez mansion on Prawn Island.
  • The XS can be also found parked in an alley near the Vice Point Mall car park.
  • Several Sentinels can be found at the Washington Beach car park.

GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Harwood, Portland Island - Spawns inside the the Capital Autos showroom after completing three levels of Car Salesman.


Modifications (GTA: San Andreas)

  • Color (exterior)
  • Exhaust (four varieties)
  • Spoilers (four varieties)
  • Wheels (ten varieties)
  • Nitro (all)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics


See also

  • Mafia Sentinel: A variation of the Sentinel from GTA III and known as the Leone Sentinel in GTA Liberty City Stories.