Shakedown (GTA VC)

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Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Location North Point Mall

Shakedown is the first mission which Tommy Vercetti does independently



After taking over Diaz's mansion and business, Tommy decides it is the perfect time to take over the town and show everyone who's in charge. Tommy decides the best way to let his name be known is to destroy shops in the North Point Mall. By doing so, he will intimidate the owners into paying protection money.

The Mission

You will have a five minute time limit to complete this mission. Get a fast car and drive to the North Point Mall. Make sure you have plenty of ammunition and some quick firing weapons. Once you enter the mall, do not stall, start right away by aiming at the windows and firing until they break. Continue until every window pane is destroyed and all the shop owners are begging for protection. Look out for cops, as your wanted level will rise during this mission. If you run out of ammunition, you can buy some at the ammunition store in the mall.


(Vercetti Estate, formerly Diaz's mansion, Lance Vance, Ken Rosenburg, Avery Carrington, and Tommy Vercetti)

Ken: Oh we gotta redecorate this place. We gotta make it look older. I can't stand this look, Tommy, whadaya say? Whadaya say we put a bar in...

Tommy: You're my lawyer, Rosenburg, not my interior decorator. Got it?

Tommy: (To everyone) Listen to me. The time to take over this town is now. It's all out there waiting for us.

Lance: We gotta start seizing territory. Let Vice City know we're the new players in town, know what I'm saying?

Avery: What you need is a legitimate front, Tommy, real estate. It's never done me no harm.

Lance: We gotta start using some muscle, or we can kiss all that hard work goodbye. Local businesses know that Diaz is dead, and they're refusing to pay protection!

Ken: Ooh! We could try bribery...

Tommy: Bribery? Screw bribery! I'll show you how to make 'em scared! I'll be back here in five minutes.

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