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The following are dialog and mission scripts as seen during "Shakedown" in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Ken Rosenberg: Oh, we gotta redecorate this place. We gotta make it look older. I can't stand this look. Tommy, whadaya say? Whadaya say we put a bar in...

Tommy Vercetti: You're my lawyer, Rosenberg, not my interior decorator. Got it? Listen to me, the time to take over this town is now. It's all out there waiting for us.

Lance Vance: We need to start seizing territory, let Vice City know we're the new players in town, know what I'm saying?

Avery Carrington: What you need is a legitimate front Tommy, real estate. It's never done me no harm.

Lance Vance: We need to start using some muscle or we can kiss all that hard work goodbye. Local businesses know Diaz is dead, and they're refusing to pay protection!

Ken Rosenberg: Ooh! We could try bribery...

Tommy Vercetti: Bribery? Screw bribery! I'll show you how to make 'em scared! I'll be back here in five minutes...

(Tommy starts shattering windows)

Shop owner: My livelihood, destroyed!

Shop owner: Ruined...RUINED!!

Shop owner: I pay through the ass for protection!

Tommy Vercetti: Vercetti. Remember the name.

Shop owner: My beautiful window display!

Shop owner: My store. My wonderful store.

Tommy Vercetti: I run this town now. ME!

Past mission phone call 1

Sonny Forelli : Tommy , remember me ?

Tommy Vercetti : Hello Sonny .

Sonny Forelli : That's right , Sonny . We're old friends , you never write me , you never call . Don't you want to be friends no more ?

Tommy Vercetti : I've been busy trying to sort things out . You didn't give me a lot of support down here , Sonny .

Sonny Forelli : Oh , my fault is it ? Well , I've heard you been busy all right . Busy killing drugs barons .Busy taking over . Don't forget about us , Tommy , ' cause I can assure you , I ain't forgotten about you .