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The Streetwannabes/Sharks is a gang of thugs that hang out around outside the North Point Mall and in several dilapadated mansions in Prawn Island as of GTA: VC, but are hardly a threat to any of the other gangs in Vice City. The only highlight of their gang's history was being part of an aerial massacre that resulted in many of them getting killed. It is also suggested that they are involved in arms running. They apparently are on bad terms with Mitch Baker's Biker Gang and in one mission they even steal his prized motorcycle and keep it captive in a motor garage in Downtown. The leader of the gang (name unknown) betrays Ricardo Diaz and steals his shipment of drugs and orders the killing of him (and many other members in the aforementioned aerial slaughter).

The Streetwannabes are known as Sharks in Vice City Stories and are located in the East island of Vice City; they manage a number of companies, which Victor eventually takes over. An interesting note is that, after Victor takes over one of their businesses, Streetwannabes do not back down in their attacks until all of their businesses have been taken. Often, they chase Victor in their Gang Ranchers, or sometimes destroy his empire sites.

They are listed as the "Streetwannabe's," with use of the apostrophe, in the Vice City stats, but the Shark logos on the back of their denim jackets, along with graffiti on buildings and their gang cars, has led some to call them the Sharks. The Streetwannabes are mostly seen wearing denim jackets, jeans and red bandanas.

Of interesting note is that certain unrelated "gangs" in Vice City are also listed as Streetwannabes. This includes army soldiers and "gangs" that show up in certain missions, such as the Forellis in the final mission, the attackers in the "All Hands on Deck!" mission, and the courier and bodyguards of a counterfeiting syndicate in the "Hit the Courier" mission (it is unknown why the counterfeiting syndicate is made up of women, but it is mentioned they have connections with the Triads).