She's a Keeper

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Over the watched prison phone, Gerald McReary tells Niko to move Gracie Ancelotti to a different safehouse in Algonquin. In this mission you have to drive Gracie to the other safehouse. As with all of the Gracie missions, there is a catch, the Ancolettis are chasing you guns blazing. This mission calls for a happy medium. Drive too recklessly, Gracie breaks her neck. Drive too slow, the Ancolettis accidentally shoot her or (not accidentally) you. If she stops screaming what she'll do to you when she's unbound, that's a bad thing. If you're having difficulty with this mission, on the first street, before the Ancolettis begin chasing you, look for a dirt road and take it. This will give you more time to avoid them. Once you reach the safehouse with Gracie still yelling about ripping your genitals off, you've cleared it. Go to Gerald's GM for the 5th Gracie mission, Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.