Shift Work

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Shift Work
A map of the race course during Shift Work. The race begins on the pink line, located in the top left of the map.

A map of the race course during Shift Work. The race begins on the pink line, located in the top left of the map.
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Hao
Objective Win an illegal street race.
Location Strawberry, Los Santos
Fail Lose the race
Reward $200
Unlocks City Circuit
Unlocked by Franklin and Lamar
Time Limit 1:20 (lap time, gold medal completion only)
2:50 (to complete the race, gold medal completion only)

Shift Work is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Hao from Strawberry, Los Santos.


Franklin Clinton walks up to old friend Hao, waiting in an alley leading to the Vinewood Self Storage business. Hao is surprised to see that Lamar Davis has not killed Franklin yet and suggests he must be slacking. Hao then tells Franklin of a group who participate in illegal street racing across Los Santos and that they have a silver medal with Franklin's name on it. Hao drives off to the start line on Forum Dr and is followed by Franklin. From the Forum Dr the 'track' goes down Grove St before turning left to Brouge Ave followed by a right on to Covenant Ave. The race briefly enters Roy Lowenstein Blvd before a right turn on to Carson Ave and then the second left to Little Bighorn Ave. The track then returns westward on the fourth left, Capital Blvd, followed by an immediate left on to Davis Ave. The track finishes with a right turn on to Macdonald St before re-entering Forum Dr with the finishing line located on the side in Chamberlain Hills. The drivers, including Franklin and Hao, drive around the 'track' with Franklin winning the race.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Fastest Lap Complete a lap within 1:20.
Underdo Finish the race in 2:50.
Clean Race Finish the race with less than 5 collisions.


Hao (talking to himself): This one's gotta be shared.

(Hao sports Franklin)

Hao: What? That crazy motherfucker Lamar hasn't got you killed yet?

Franklin Clinton: No, not yet.

Hao: He must be slackin'.

Franklin Clinton: He's always slackin'.

Hao: He's a fool, bro.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, sometimes.

Hao: Anyway, talkin' of fools... What would you say if I told you some fools I knew were running a little racing competition? And as luck would have it, they got this really beautiful silver medal with your name on it.

Franklin Clinton: I'd say, go fuck yourself.

(Hao begins to drive off)

Hao: Bronze medal then? (laughs)

Franklin Clinton: Funny, motherfucker.

(Franklin drives to the races starting line on Forum Dr)

Hao: Don't tell me you're having second thoughts?

Franklin Clinton: Alright then.

Post mission text message

Hao: You got lucky there. There are always races going down in LS. If you're interested, head to a meet. Hao

Video walkthrough

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