Shifting Weight

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Shifting Weight
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A gas station explodes, destroying a pursuing Police Car.
Game The Lost and Damned
For Elizabeta Torres
Target LCPD
Location Bohan
Unlocks Diamonds in the Rough
Unlocked by Marta Full of Grace

Shifting Weight is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is given by Elizabeta Torres to Johnny Klebitz .


The mission starts out with Elizabeta going on about how she feels like the heat is closing in on her and she wants the coke you collected to be distributed ASAP.

Johnny, Malc and DeSean all head out to the deal over by the basketball courts. A cutscene is triggered showing the deal going all right until one of the dealers blows up Johnny's Hexer and in return Malc kills one of the dealers, with the cops showing up. Johnny is placed on the back of Malc's bike and is instructed to shoot the cops while Malc drives.


Johnny is on the back of Malc's bike for the remaining part of the mission; all you have to do is shoot an endless amounts of cops with the Assault Shotgun. Fortunately, the Assault shotgun has unlimited ammo, so there's no need to reload. It would be wise to have body armour for this mission.

Around halfway into the chase a helicopter appears. MAKE SURE you kill the guys shooting from the side of it to make sure it is no longer a threat. Near the end of the mission you become trapped in the Grotti car dealership. To escape quickly, shoot the window to get out (if you don't Malc will eventually drive through the window anyway). The final part is a straight chase under the highway bridge with a total of 3 cop cars following you there. The final cop car hits the side of the post and one officer comes flying out of the windshield cinematic style.

Johnny gets off of Malc's bike, giving them the drugs and bids farewell to them. Johnny then calls Elizabeta saying the deal went bad and Elizabeta says to stay away from her, as the heat is closing in.


Completing the mission triggers two phone calls and a text message:

  • A phone call from Ashley asking Johnny to go see Ray Boccino (and unlocking Diamonds in the Rough.
  • A text message from Ashley, this time asking Johnny to come see her and unlocking Roman's Holiday.
  • A phone call from the unidentified FIB agent last heard from earlier in the game, warning Johnny that he may have a traitor in the club.

In addition, an icon appears in north Algonquin indicating the location of the first of Malc's random encounters.


  • At the end of the mission Malc jokes that he and Johnny should get a room at the Jefferson Motel, a motel in Los Santos, San Andreas.
  • If there are cops right behind you when you get to a gas station - and there probably will be - and Johnny shoots the fuel stations or the cars crash into them, causing an explosion, you will get a cinematic view and slo-mo for about three seconds where cop cars will fly and Malc will say "Now THAT's some oversteering if I ever saw it." or some other vehicle-related quote.
  • It is revealed in the end credits in The Lost and Damned that Johnny used a SMG in this mission not the Assault Shotgun.
  • If the player jacks the police car at the end of the mission and hurriedly catches up to Malc and DeSean, they may see a bike lying on the ground and one riding away. The one lying on the ground is locked, however the player can kill/ knock the guy off the bike riding away and take it.
  • A Double T Custom spawns under the freeway close to where Johnny ends up after the mission.