Shifting Weight

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the mission starts out with elizabeta going on about how she feels like the heat is closing in on her and she wants the coke you collected to be distributed ASAP.

johnny,malc and desean (mabey clay and terry) all head out to the deal over by the bascket ball courts. a cutscene is trigered showing the deal going all right untill one of the dealers blows up johnnys bike and in return malc kills one of the dealers then the cops show up time to run...

johnny is on the back of malcs bike for the remaining part of the mission, all you have to do is to survive by shooting endless amounts of cops with the shotgun. for this section you have unlimited ammo and no need to reload. it would be wise to have boady armour for this mission.

Round about have way through the chase a helicopter appears MAKE SURE!!! you kill the guys shooting from the side of it then it will become no threat. neary the end of the mission you become trapped by the car dealers grotti shoot the window to get out. the final part is a straight chase under the highway bridge a total of 3 cop cars follow you there. the final cop car hits the side of the post and one officer comes flying out of the windshieldvcinematic style there by completing the mission and triggering a cutscene.

the cutscene sees johnny getting of malcs bike and gives them the drugs and bids farewell to them johnny calls elizabeta saying the deal went bad and elizabeta wants johnny to stay away from her over fears that the heat is moving in