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[[Image::File:Shirley-GTAIV.jpeg| ]]
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Shirley


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Death 2008 (before third random encounter)
Home Liberty City
Family Jeff (husband)

Shirley is a character who appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. Shirley is the wife of Jeff, who was suspicions of her committing adulterous activity, they have an unspecified amount of children. Niko first encounters Jeff while he is on the streets of north Algonquin shouting vulgar names at her whilst she is inside the house of another man.

When he speaks to Niko he asks him to tail her, and the unnamed man she's with. Shirley and the man leave the home and end up taking a short drive to the Superstar Café. When the couple arrive they take a seat at a table on the second floor of the cafe. Niko then takes a picture via camera phone. During the conversation, she states that she has had her underwear stolen for DNA testing, and Jeff attempted to install a tracking device onto her.

Sometime later Jeff will call Niko asking if he could meet him at an underground parking garage. Upon arrival Niko discovers that Jeff has repeatedly stabbed Shirley over fifty times with a kitchen knife in a fit of jelous rage, and has her in the back of his Blista Compact. Jeff asks Niko to get rid of the body, and Niko agrees for five grand.

Karma comes to bite Jeff later on when he meets Niko a third time, and is complaining about a new wife who's cheating on him. Niko declines getting involved, Jeff runs out into the street in a state of distraught and is hit by a British fellow in a sports car, and killed instantly.


  • It's possible for the player to kill Shirley. All the player has to do is kill Shirley on Jeff's first random mission.