Steal the Deal

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Steal the Deal

Ricardo Diaz
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Ricardo Diaz
Target Gonzales' shipment
Location Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island, Vice City
Reward $1,500
Unlocks The Exchange

Steal the Deal is the first mission in GTA Vice City Stories from Ricardo Diaz to protagonist, Victor Vance.


Diaz has been aware of a deal Gonzales' has and wants the Vance brothers, Lance and Victor, to steal the shipment. After a short talk, the Vance's leave Diaz's Mansion and head over to the The Pole Position Club in Ocean Beach. As Lance suggested, one of Gonzales' goons comes out of the strip club and gets in a Cheetah parked there and they follow him. The goon leaves the car at Vice Point and heads for a Jetski. Victor takes another Jetski there and follows the goon again. After a chase the goon stops at Viceport, where other goons and boats are. Victor makes his way there, killing all the witnesses and steals the speedboat where the drugs are and takes them to back to Diaz.


(Ricardo Diaz, Lance, Victor Vance at Diaz's mansion.)

Ricardo Diaz: So, you're Vic.

Victor Vance: Yeah. And you, you're Diaz?

Ricardo Diaz: No, I'm Santa Claus. I heard a lot about you. Mr. Big. Buddies with the Mendez's.

Victor Vance: I don't think we're exactly friends.

Ricardo Diaz: Whatever you say. I heard you wasn't exactly a load of laughs, amigo, but crack a fucking smile. Life is amazing. Look at me. I got porn, I got drugs, I got money. I'm happy.

Victor Vance: That's cool. Well, I want out. I don't wanna sell drugs, but I ain't got a choice right now.

Ricardo Diaz: [to Lance] Jeez, Quentin, you didn't say your brother was such a bore.

Lance Vance: Vic!

Victor Vance: Quentin?

Lance Vance: Hey, good to see you, man. You know, Reni sent me. Me and Ricardo have been hanging out.

Ricardo Diaz: How was she?

Lance Vance: Yeah, good.

Ricardo Diaz: Oh, she knows a lot of tricks for such a young girl, eh?

Lance Vance: Mm-mm-mm.

Victor Vance: Lance, you're pathetic.

Lance Vance: What?

Ricardo Diaz: Yeah, Quentin. Only took you three minutes. Have a cigar. Have a rail!

Lance Vance: Thanks, don't mind if I do.

Ricardo Diaz: So, you boys gonna help me out?

Lance Vance: Sure, baby, we gonna make you a star!

Victor Vance: Shut up, you fool. All right, what do you need?

Ricardo Diaz: Gonzalez thinks he can move product without paying me. He must be on something. He's hidden some shit offshore. Maybe you Vance boys can go get it.

Victor Vance: All right, fine. Come on, moron.

(Victor and Lance leave the mansion, outside.)

Victor Vance: Vice is a big city. That shit could be anywhere.

Lance Vance: This Gonzalez - would you recognize any of his men?

Victor Vance: Maybe.

Lance Vance: Good! 'Cause if I was in the big city with just a few hours to kill, I'd wanna get high with a brother, or get down with a sister. And I know where the out-of-towners do both. Come on. Let's pop like Cola.

Victor Vance: Do you think we can trust Diaz?

Lance Vance: My man Diaz is a businessman.

Victor Vance: Great. That's a 'no' then.

Lance Vance: Keep your eyes peeled. If you see one of Gonzalez's men, holler.

Victor Vance: This is nuts. There's no way we're...

(One of Gonzales' men leaves the club.)

Victor Vance: I don't believe it. That's one of his guys right there.

Lance Vance: Man, I'm good. I scare myself sometimes. I'm betting he takes us right to the merchandise. Come on, let's tail him!


Upon completing the mission you receive $1,500 and unlock the mission The Exchange.

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