Steal the Wheels

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Steal the Wheels
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Rudy D'Avanzo
Reward $200
Unlocks The World's a Stooge
Convoy Conflict
Unlocked by Scrambled

Steal the Wheels is a mission given to Huang Lee by Rudy D'Avanzo in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


(A meeting with D'Avanzo)

D'Avanzo: We hid a digital recorder in Jimmy Capra's car. By now it'll be full of evidence proving he's the Feds' rat ...and probably a cross-dresser too. We need that recorder, so we're gonna need his car, and you're the perfect guy to steal it.

Huang: Capra might be friendly with the Triads but his greaseball mobsters - no offense - aren't going to let me just steal his car.

D'Avanzo: Of course not! They're not going to let ANYONE take it! But, an eggroll like you - no offense - can get closer to it than any of my guys. It should be parked over at the Messina's Boulevard compound. Lots of luck.

Huang: Why didn't you plant a bug like a normal person? I thought you were a wise guy?

D'Avanzo: And I thought you were bringing me take out. Because they sweep for radio signals, genius. Now get on with it.

(Rendezvous with D'Avanzo)

D'Avanzo: Good job. Once we've dug the digital recorder out of this piece of shit, I'll be in touch.