Still Pulling Favors

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Still Pulling Favors
Franklin Clinton getting instructions from the LSPD Auto Impound dispatch.

Franklin Clinton getting instructions from the LSPD Auto Impound dispatch.
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Tonya Wiggins
Objective Tow a stalled vehicle to a garage with the owner.
Location Rancho, Los Santos
Fail The Towtruck is destroyed
The car is destroyed
The owner is killed
Failing to reach the car in the time limit
Unlocks Pulling One Last Favor
Unlocked by Pulling Favors Again
Time Limit 4:59 (to reach the car)
6 minutes (gold medal completion only)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)

Still Pulling Favors is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Tonya Wiggins.


Franklin, having agree to cover for JB Bradshaw at the LSPD Auto Impound, arrives and gets into the towtruck. He is told by dispatch of a broken down car on Spanish Ave. Franklin drives to the broken down car in West Vinewood and hooks it up while allowing the cars owner into the cab. Franklin, with the car hooked up and the owner in the cab, drives to Auto Exotic on Elgin Ave in Hawick where he unhooks the car. Franklin then phones Tonya and explains that he has covered for JB and hopes that she stays away from drugs with Tonya responding that she is 'high on life now'.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Mission Time Complete the mission in 6 minutes.
Unhook Bonus Keep the car hooked until delivered to the garage.

Mission set up

Tonya Wiggins: me and JB getting clean but JB fiending bad sick as a dog can u do one more job for us? gimme a call. Tonya xoxox

(Franklin phones Tonya)

Tonya Wiggins: Frank-a-lin! What's poppin'? You got my text?

Franklin Clinton: You sound messed up.

Tonya Wiggins: Nah, I kicked the pipe. JB too. For real this time. Can you cover one more job, boo, just till he get out of the sickness.

Franklin Clinton: God damn it, okay. Last time.


Dispatch: This is dispatch. Broken down car at Spanish Avenue. Who's in the vicinity? Over.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, I'll take that.

Dispatch: 10-4, copy that. Clear after you.

(Franklin drives to the broken down car)

Car owner: Finally! I called you people, like, an hour ago.

(The car owner enters the Towtruck)

Car owner: Drop me off at a repair shop. And one that's not gonna charge me a small fortune.

(Franklin drives the Towtruck to Auto Exotic in Hawick)

Car owner: Well, we made it. I won't mention you on the complaint form.

(Franklin phones Tonya)

Tonya Wiggins: Franklin, what's crackin'?

Franklin Clinton: Not your ass, I hope. I covered that job, alright. Now stay off the rock, you feel me?

Tonya Wiggins: I'm high on life now, baby. It's a new dawn.


Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
(15 minutes 34 seconds in)