Stop the Tank!

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Stop The Tank!
Game GTA 2
For Johnny Zoo, Yakuza
Location Ukita, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $60,000

Stop The Tank! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to Claude by Johnny Zoo of the Yakuza. The mission is the second mission available from the red Yakuza phones in Ukita of the Downtown District.


As retaliation for Johnny's previous actions, the military has send out a tank to destroy Johnny's cars. Panicking, Johnny sends Claude to destroy the tank and kill the grunts guarding it. Claude does the deed and stops the attack.


Johnny Zoo: "Kosai! Johnny Zoo here! Military top brass are pissed with me and sending a Tank and Ground Troops to trash my exotic cars. I need your help."

(Claude rushes to the tank and kills all the ground forces surrounding it. He then blows the tank up with the provided rocket launcher)

Johnny Zoo: "Fantastic, Kosai! You are my first call if the military strike. Here's $60,000."


Completing the mission will give you $60,000.

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