Supply & Demand

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Supply & Demand
Game GTA Vice City
For Ricardo Diaz
Target The Drugboat
Location Diaz's Mansion
Reward $10000
Unlocks Missions for Kent Paul



Some freelancer moors his yacht into Vice City every month. The yacht is refered to as "The Drugboat", since the freelancer sells drugs from that boat. However, he only sells his cargo to the first customers to arrive in his yacht, and Diaz wants you and Lance Vance to be those first buyers.

The Mission

This mission is divided in two parts:

1: Drug Rush - In the first part, you will have to use the Squalo boat obtained in mission The Fastest Boat, to get to the freelancer's yacht. There are two paths, the best one is the left path, since it's shorter and has more space to steer. Avoid hitting walls or other boats since if you hit a wall or speedboatr to hard Lance will get knocked into the water and the mission is failed. Once you make it to "The Drugboat", the second part of the mission begins.

2: Defend The Cargo - In the second part, Lance will take the wheel and you will have to defend the cargo from other buyers by shooting incoming enemies. First, two Cubans in Jetmax boats will attack you. Kill the gunmen and then kill the drivers otr just blow up the boat, then several gunmen will appear on jetties, kill them and blow up the red barrels near them to wipe them out faster. Eventually, a Sparrow will come after you, it's easier to shot the Sparrow until it blows up than to kill the gunman or the driver. Finally, when you approach Diaz's Mansion, two more boats will appear ahead, blow them up before you reach them, since if you reach them, they will shoot from up close and if you're not quick enough, they will deal severe damage to the boat. When Lance stops at Diaz's Mansion, the mission is complete.


(Diaz's TV room, Tommy Vercetti and Ricardo Diaz.)

Ricardo Diaz: (talking to his VCR) EJECT LASTIC CRAP! You doing this to me? Who do you think you are, you piece of plastic SHIT? Aaargh! SCREW YOU! (Diaz shoots his VCR). (To Tommy) It eats my favourite El Burro movie, it die! What else could I do?

Tommy Vercetti: It's probably not plugged in.

Diaz: What? (Realizes the VCR wasn't plugged in.) Damn - no matter, I can by a hundred more. Now Tommy. each montha freelancer sails into Vice City and moors his yacht. He sells his cargo to the first boat. I want you to take the speedboat and beat all the other shitheads to it, then you bring the cargo here, OK?

(Diaz Jetty, Tommy and Lance Vance.)

Tommy: Let me guess, you thought I could use a guardian angel.

Lance Vance: I'm just saying you need to let me in there, my man. Now you can feed me all this "Lonely Tough Guy" crap, but I know one day I'm gonna save your ass, and you're probably gonna wanna kiss me!

Tommy: Wacko.

Lance: Hahahaha!

(The Fastest Boat, Tommy and Lance.)

Lance: We got some competition! So Tommy, we know it was Diaz who busted our deal. So why the hell are we running errands for him?

Tommy: The more we learn now, the less we have to learn when we take this town over!

Lance: I like your style, man. Real fresh. It's time for the Lance Vance Dance.

(The Fastest Boat, Tommy and Lance.)

Lance: (After they buy the cargo) Watch yourself, they're coming from all over!

Tommy: Got 'em. Head for Diaz's as fast as you can! (To the other men in speedboats) Eat it! EAT IT! Sleep with the fish!

Lance: There are gunmen on that jetty! More trouble up ahead!

Tommy: (To the other men on speedboats.) You want some of this!

(Diaz Jetty, Tommy and Lance.)

Lance: Good shooting, my friend. You're a real, proper, grade A lunatic!

Tommy: Well, thank you.

Lance: See you around Tommy.

Tommy: Okay, Mr. Lance Vance Dance.

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