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A Surano in Grand Theft Auto V.
(Rear quarter view)
A Surano in Grand Theft Auto V.
Appearance(s) GTA V
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style Two-door convertible sports car
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Manufacturer Benefactor

The Benefactor Surano is a sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto V. First mentioned in the May 2013 Game Informer preview of GTA V, the front of the Surano closely resembles the Jaguar F-Type, whilst it has the roof line from a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and side vents from a fifth generation Maserati Quattroporte. According to the Game Informer article, in-game celebrity Lacy Jonas drives a Surano. As can be seen from the badging in the prerelease images, the Surano is manufactured by Benefactor.