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Sweet's Girl

Sweet attempting to kill a member of the Seville Boulevard Families and to protect his girlfriend
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Location Ganton, Los Santos
Reward Respect, $500
Unlocks Cesar Vialpando Micro-SMG
Unlocked by Drive-By

Sweet's Girl is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl Johnson drops by Sweet's house, however, he realizes that nobody is there. He heads outside and suddenly Sweet calls. He tells CJ that while visiting his girlfriend in Playa del Seville, Seville Boulevard Families gang members have pinned him down and ambushed him. CJ rushes towards Sweet and kills all the Seville Boulevard gang members before being called by Sweet again who tells him to get a four door car. CJ finds a sedan and both Sweet and his girlfriend enter the car as three more Seville Boulevard gang cars start chasing them. CJ gets them to safety in Ganton and decides that they need to put an end to the "green on green" war.


The reward for completing this mission is increased respect and $500. The mission Cesar Vialpando is also unlocked.


  • There was dialog deleted from this mission before it was released.
  • Originally, Sweet did not have a gun during this mission.

Video walkthroughs

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