Tagging Up Turf

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Tagging Up Turf
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Location Los Santos
Reward 3 Respect + 5% per tag, $200, Spray Paint Can spawn point in Safehouse
Unlocks Cleaning The Hood, Gang Tags
Unlocked by Ryder (Mission)

Tagging Up Turf is a mission that introduces Gang Tags by instructing you to re-tag all the covered Grove Street Families tags.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Ride with Sweet to re-tag three covered Grove Street Families tags in Idlewood.
  2. Re-tag three covered Grove Street tags in East Los Santos.
  3. Drive Sweet back to his house in Ganton

Detailed Walkthrough

In the cinematic scene that starts this mission, Sweet and Big Smoke are playing basketball in the drieway when CJ approaches. Sweet gives you a can of green spray paint and tells you that enemy gangs have been covering Grove Street Families tags with their own tags. He tells you that he will join you in re-tagging the tags, in order to send a strong message to the enemy gangs.

Tags in Idlewood

Climb into Sweet's car and make your way to the map marker in Idlewood. Sweet gets out and demonstrates spraying over a purple Ballas tag. This makes available the Gang Tags mission, as Sweet just sprayed 1 of 100 tags in the game. You will earn Respect points for every tag you spray.

You now need to spray over two more tags in the area. Green blips mark them on the map. The closest is right across the street, on the side of a green house. Go to it and spray until the Grove Street tag is complete.

The next one is behind the green house, in an alley. This one is a little difficult to see, as the purple of he Ballas tag blends in with the brick. It's on the wall closest to the green house. After spraying this one, return to Sweet's car.

Tags in East Los Santos

Head for the map marker in East Los Santos. CJ exits the vehicle, and Sweet heads off to find more tags. The first tag is near the front door of the red building. Spray it, then head for the next one.

From the previous tag, head north, go past the mural, and turn into the alley that's right behind Lolita's. Two Ballas members wait near this one. You'll get a pop-up hint letting you know that spray cans can also be used as weapons. Kill the Ballas and spray the tag, or spray the tag and run.

The next tag is a little difficult to find. Head to the map marker - it's next to the Cabinets and Marble Tops building across the street. Follow the directions and climb the fence. Then head to the end of the alley and climb the larger fence. Turn left and climb up the small platform. Then climb to the roof of the Sign store. Walk along the east edge of the roof; the tag is to your right, on a wall. Spray it and then jump off the roof and hop into Sweet's car, which he just pulled up in.

=Take Sweet Home

Dirve Sweet back to the map marker at his house in Ganton. Sweet rewards you with $200. You also get a Weapons (GTA SA)#Spray Paint Can spawn point in CJ's bedroom at The Johnson House two doors down.