Takin' Out the White Trash

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Takin' Out the White Trash

Louise Cassidy-Williams
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Louise Cassidy-Williams
Target Trailer Park Mafia gang members
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Reward $200
Unlocks D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

Takin' Out the White Trash is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Louise Cassidy-Williams from her sisters home in Little Havana, Vice City.


Victor drops by Mary-Jo Cassidy's home to see Louise, who wants to get her and daughters belongings from their trailer. Victor and Louise head over to the trailer park but are met by a number of Marty's men. After killing all of the Trailer Park Mafia gang members, Louise goes inside and collects her and her daughters belongings, as well as Marty's wallet. Victor drives her back to her sisters home in Little Havana, fending off some of the persuing Trailer Park Mafia gang members along the way.


(Victor enters Mary-Jo's apartment and finds Louise crying).

Victor Vance: Hey, stop that.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Sorry. It's... It's nothing... I'm... just tired.

Victor Vance: Doesn't look like nothing - what's wrong?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: I left some of her things back at Marty's. Everything I do is wrong. I can't even run away right.

Victor Vance: Look, it's not such a big deal. We'll just head over to Marty's and go get 'em.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: But what about Marty?

Victor Vance: Well what about him?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Thanks Vic. You're something else.

(Victor and Louise arrive at the Trailer Park).

Louise Cassidy-Williams: I don't like the look of these guys.

Victor Vance: Aren't they the guys from the quad bike race?

Trailer Park Mafia gang member: So you're cheese is from your ugly bitch ass faces?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: If Marty heard you talking to me like that.

Trailer Park Mafia gang member: Marty? Marty said the next he saw you he'd turn you out.

Victor Vance: Back off, white trash.

Trailer Park Mafia gang member: White trash? You wanna do this bitch boy?

(Victor and Louise kill a number of Trailer Park Mafia gang members).

Louise Cassidy-Williams: I'll get my babies things.

Victor Vance: You should have just bought new...

Louise Cassidy-Williams: I will. I just found Marty's wallet inside, I'm going shopping. That asshole owes me.

(Victor drives Louise back to her sisters apartment).

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Vic Vance! I never knew I could have such a good time.

Victor Vance: A great time? Oh, yeah, we had a riot.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: And you were great. Well, I better get on inside. See you later.


The reward for completing the mission is $200. Two weapons, the M249 and the Equalizer, can be obtained after killing the Trailer Park Mafia gang members, which is earlier in the game than the weapons are unlocked. The mission also unlocks the mission D.I.V.O.R.C.E..

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