Taking Out the Laundry

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Taking Out The Laundry
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Tony Cipriani
Start location: St. Marks
Reward: $20 000

Taking Out The Laundry is the thirteenth mission of Grand Theft Auto III and is given to Claude by Tony Cipriani. The mission becomes available after the completion of Cipriani's Chauffeur.


Tony tells Claude his plan of retaliation against the Traids - destroy three of Mr. Wong's Laundromat Trucks. Tony also tells Claude that 8-Ball has some grenades which would be useful to the job.

After taking the grenades, Claude tracks down all three of the trucks patrolling Portland and destroys them with the grenade. The player could also destroy the trucks in a different manner, such as hijacking and crushing, hijacking and shoving into the water, etc.


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