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File:Taxi in GTA IV.jpg
A taxi in GTA IV

The description On the GTA taxi drivers.

The Taxi Drivers

Over the years of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the taxi and cabbie drivers have evolved considerably. The Taxi drivers in GTA III and Vice City are mostly immigrants and usually run away if you steal their Taxi. However, you may encounter a driver who will fight for his cab. He then tries running after the player driving the cab (usually wielding baseball bats or shovels), then if they manage to catch the player. the driver will engage in a one on one brawl with the player for stealing their taxi. However, if the player points a gun at the driver, but does not shoot. the driver will throw his hands up, usually saying good things to the player to prevent the player from shooting, then walk away and forget about the taxi. You can usually hear the cab driver saying "Hey my cab!" or "Give me my taxi, bitch!" in a Middle Eastern accent. Throughout GTA San Andreas, the taxi drivers have not really evolved, and are still immigrants. For unknown reasons, the taxis and cabbies are usually the most common vehicles used in a police chase by the AI.

GTA IV: Now the Taxi drivers in GTA IV are ruthless and vengeful. This time they aren't Indian, their Greek. If you crash into them they might say the word "Malaka" which means in this case means they have no common sense and repeats the same mistakes. Some might say "sorry I let some gas off. After that they will exit their Taxi and try to pull you out of your vehicle and start a fight. Now if they started a fight with an officer standing nearby or a Police Cruiser they will take immediate Action. And arresting the driver and taking them away.

The Taxi drivers in GTA IV don't care if you pull out a passenger and get in yourself, but run away if you shoot out the window