The Chase

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The Chase
Game GTA Vice City
For Ricardo Diaz
Target Streetwannabees leader.
Location Diaz's Mansion
Reward $1000

The Chase is the first mission in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played for Ricardo Diaz.




The leader of the Streetwannabees has been stealing 3% of Diaz's income, and he doesn't like that! So he wants you to go to the guy's apartement, and then follow him to where he's staching the money.

The Mission

Get a car and drive to the apartment condo marked on the radar. Park your car in the corner close to the Pay'n'Spray, since the thief will escape through a roof and jump into a car close to the Pay'n'Spray. Run to the apartment entrance and peek through the guy's window.

The guy will then see you and run into the roof, follow him there and he'll try to shoot you, but don't worry, it's impossible for him to get you. The he'll run through the roof and make it across the block, when you get close to the end, he'll blow up some red barrel gas tanks. Then you'll have to run after him again, he will jump of the roof and get into a BF Injection, then he'll try to drive away. Get in the car next to the Pay'n'Spray and follow the guy. Don't let him get away, but don't get too close, since the thief has a partner in the back who has a rifle and will shoot you if you get too close.

Follow the guy all the way until he reaches the Mendez Mansion in Prawn Island, then he'll get off and run into the mansion, after this, it's mission complete.


(Diaz's Mansion, Tommy Vercetti and Ricardo Diaz)

Ricardo Diaz: Come on, baby, go! Yeah! Yeah! Arrrr! Stupid Horse! I'll chop your head off! Grrrr...Who is this dickhead?

Tommy Vercetti: Tommy Vercetti. You remember me.

Diaz: Excuse me. I'm a little anxious. Never trust a goddamn horse! You do a good job - you work for me now.

Tommy: I work for money.

Diaz: As I said, amigo. You work for me now.

Tommy: I work...

Diaz: Shut up. Some Judas has betrayed me. He thinks I don't know how much money I should be making, but stealing 3% is as good as stealing 100%. No one does this to me. NO ONE. You follow him from his apartement and you see where he goes! Later, we kill him.

(Starfish Island, Tommy.)

Tommy: This asshole thinks he can mess with me? If this is the best Vice City has to offer, this is gonna be easy.

(The thief's apartement, The Thief)

The Thief: Ooh, shit!

(The roof, The Thief and Tommy)

The Thief: Loser! To slow, grandad!

Tommy: You better keep running asshole.

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