The Crook

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The Crook is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III and the mission that introduces Marty Chonks, owner of the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory to the protagonist Claude.


Claude answers the payphone in Trenton and finds a man named Marty Chonks on the line. He tells Claude that he needs some help. He tells Claude that his bank manager has been lying to him and taking an extra cut of Marty's profits. Marty wants Claude to take one of the factory's cars and pick him up. Then he wants him to bring him back to the factory.

Claude goes to see the bank manager and picks him up, just as he was ordered. He then drops him off at Marty's, where the two have a little "chat". After the banker is killed, Marty wants Claude to go crush the evidence. Claude drives up to Harwood and goes to the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard|car crusher, where the car is destroyed.


Marty Chonks: The name's Chonks, Marty Chonks. I run the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory round the corner. I got money troubles, but hey, who doesn't right? I'm meeting my bank manager later. He's a crooked bastard that keeps bumping up the loan repayments so he can cut a slice. Take my car, pick him up and bring him back here. I've got a little surprise for the blood sucking leach!!

Claude drives to bank.

Bank Manager: Ah Mr. Chonks sent you did he. Let's go and pay the fellow a visit.

Claude drives back to the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory, and the bank manager walks into the factory.

Bank Manager: Get your hands off my arse!


The reward for completion of The Crook is $1,000 and the unlocking of the mission The Thieves.

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