The Exchange (GTA III)

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For the mission in GTA Vice City Stories, see The Exchange (GTA VCS). For the neighbourhood in Liberty City in GTA IV, see The Exchange.
The Exchange
Claude faces Catalina.

Claude faces Catalina.
For Catalina
Target Catalina
Location Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City
Fail Maria Latore bursts
Reward Nothing
Unlocks Rhino
Unlocked by Ransom
Claude beginning his escape from the Colombian Cartel ambush

The Exchange is a mission in and the climax of Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Colombian Cartel leader and ex-girlfriend Catalina from the Cartel mansion in Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.


Catalina recently killed Asuka Kasen and kidnapped Maria Latore. She now wants Claude to bring $500,000 to the Cartel mansion in Cedar Grove in exchange for not having Maria killed. Claude then arrives at the mansion and hands over the money to Catalina, who lies and walks off with the money leaving Claude in the mercy of her Colombian Cartel men.

Claude, having no choice, is put under gunpoint by a Cartel gang member and decides to punch him and take the pistol dropped. After being shot at, he gets a car and exits the mansion only to find a helicopter hovering above him which contains both Catalina and Maria. Claude follows the helicopter all the way to the base of Cochrane Dam and kills every Cartel goon on his way.

After coming halfway and nearly closing into the helicopter, Catalina drops off Maria at the loading bay, guarded by a couple of her men and enters her helicopter. She begins to drop missiles to the ground while Claude gets to Maria, kills all the Cartel men and picks up a rocket launcher to shoot down Catalina. He successfully manages to destroy the helicopter that crashes against the dam in the water, and along with Maria walks all the way through the dam.

While the credits are rolling on the screen Maria can be heard talking right before a gunshot, after which, she remains silent and is no longer heard. The news also report the crime scene with witness Clive Denver.

Video walkthroughs

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