The Job

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The Job
Tommy Vercetti (center), Cam Jones (right), and Phil Cassidy (left) robbing the El Banco Corrupto Grande.

Tommy Vercetti (center), Cam Jones (right), and Phil Cassidy (left) robbing the El Banco Corrupto Grande.
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Target El Banco Corrupto Grande
Location Vice Point, Vice City
Fail Tommy, Phil, Cam, Hilary, or the bank manager are not alive
Destroy the Taxi
Reward $50,000
Bank Job Outfit
Unlocks Gun Runner
Unlocked by The Driver

The Job is the last asset mission that the protagonist Tommy Vercetti does in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The mission takes place at the Malibu Club in Vice Point, Vice City.


Shortly after purchasing the Malibu Club, Tommy finds his team in order to pull of a heist at a bank in Little Havana. Tommy finds all of necessary positions for his team, and heads for the Malibu Club. Upon arrival the four of them, along with Ken Rosenberg discuss the sequence of the robbery. Then they head for the bank. Once there Tommy tells Hilary to keep driving around the block, then the three of them change out of there current clothing, and into green jumpsuits with hockey masks. Afterwards they head inside and begin the robbery. Phil is instructed to keep an eye on all of the civilians. Tommy, and Cam head upstairs to the bank's vault while killing security guards. After having difficulty open the vault, Tommy goes down to the manager's office, and holds him at gunpoint, and has him follow him. Once up there the manager helps them open the vault, and Tommy checks on Phil, only go to down there to find a civilian being shot by Phil for activating an alarm. Tommy then gets ready to fend off member of the Vice City SWAT. At the same time Cam tells them the vault is open. The two of them kill the SWAT Team, and head outside. Only now more are outside waiting for them. Although Hilary shows up to help them, he is quickly gunned down by a SWAT agent. They kill the remaining SWAT, and make towards the nearby Pay 'n' Spray, and afterwards to Cam's Can Openers.

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  • The song heard during the opening cutscene is "Freaks Come Out at Night" by Whodini. It wasn't featured on any radio station in GTA Vice City, but is featured on Fresh FM in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
  • If the player kills the man who triggers the alarm then another bystander takes his place. If both are killed, the hostages begin to attack Tommy Vercetti.
  • Tommy Vercetti mentions the SWAT retirement fund. Deleted dialogue shows that Kent Paul informed him of this.
  • On the way to the bank, damage the vehicle a bit, and you'll hear Cam and Hilary arguing.


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